How to Increase Female Libido with Sex Pills For Women That Work

Women too want to have sensual sex and enjoy it to the fullest. They want to have smooth, sexy, invigorating sex that leads to multiple orgasms. To increase female libido, sex pills for women work by targeting the various causes of low libido.

Lack of enough lubrication, estrogen imbalances, low sensitivity to physical stimulation and menopause are leading causes of low female libido. Female libido pills increase female libido to deliver exquisite sensations with each touch, fill a woman with desire, ensure maximum pleasure during sex and powerful climaxes.

Men want Sex, Women want Love and Intimacy

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Men think about sex more than women. Unlike women, they fulfill their sexual desires with the sexual act only. This explains why many men look for ways of how to cum more.

Men also get easily aroused and can produce huge cumshot without much foreplay. Having sex is a man’s main goal whenever he wants a woman. On the other hand, women think less about sex and they desire love and intimacy together with sex.

Moreover, men need to produce more sperm (hundreds of millions of sperm per ejaculate) to ensure fertilization while women only need to produce one egg. This may be one reason why women naturally have lower libido than men.

With men having double the women’s sex urges, a natural remedy is needed to create a balance between the two sexes. This led to the research that creates the best sex pills for women that increase female libido, HerSolution. The pills make women more “womanlier”, exposing their constrained female sexuality and desires.

Society expects Women to be Faithful

Part of the old problem with female libido comes from societal standards regarding women and sex. Women are regarded as care-givers and home-makers who have no right to “stray”.

The sexual inequality created by monogamy (being married to one person at a given time) has created the well-accepted view that men can marry one woman but can have extra-marital affairs while their wives cannot have sex with any other man.

But recent studies have revealed that men and women are both monogamous and promiscuous at the same time. Some people are built for long-term relationships. However, other people are naturally promiscuous and desire casual sex with different partners.

The evidence for this comes from the different views of sex in different cultures around the world. Some cultures allow a woman to marry two brothers. Moreover, polygamy was traditionally practiced in Africa.

Increase Female Libido and Awake your Constrained Female Sex Drive with Sex Pills

How to increase female libidoEvery woman is a ravenous sex animal waiting to explode. Women have been reported to get aroused just by watching animals mating. Researchers have found evidence of women getting turned on by visual stimuli more than men, but are less likely to associate their arousal with the sex act itself.

Why the need to increase female libido? Because women need a little push to make the transition from desire to actual sex. This is the role played by sex pills for women such as Her solution.

Roy F. Baumeister nails it when he writes that “Men initiate sex often and refuse it rarely. Women initiate it much more rarely and refuse it much more often than men. Given an opportunity for sex, men leap at it, while women say no.”

Men desire sex more than women. They will want to have different partners and are more open to experimenting with different sex positions than women. Her solution pills have a dual role. To bridge this libido gap between men and women, there is a need to increase female libido. Women need to boost their ability to experience pleasure and satisfaction. Sex pills, unlike creams have longer effects. They not only increase female libido but also enhance a woman’s overall health.

How to Increase Female Libido with HerSolution Sex Pills for Women

Women aged between 30 to about 45 years have a high sex drive that is higher than that of younger women. They fantasize more. And they have more sex. A greater sex drive in middle aged women is theorized to have evolved out of the need to bear children as menopause approaches.

A child-bearing climax of sorts. Younger women can also experience the multiple health benefits of regular sex by taking sex pills for women. Enough with the theories and studies: What exactly does HerSolution sex pills for women do? Are they sex pills for women that work?

End Vaginal Dryness to Increase Female Libido

Lack of enough vaginal lubrication causes vaginal dryness. This is usually just before and during sex. The condition is common among post-menopausal women. It also affects young women as well.

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Estrogen is the female sex hormone that regulates lubrication. Its levels reduce during early childbirth and breastfeeding. This is why new moms usually experience low libido and painful sex.